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Full H.O.G. memberships are available only to people who own their own Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. It provides the most complete package of member benefits.

Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is stamped into both frame and engine and included on most motorcycle insurance cards.

Associate H.O.G. memberships are designed for family and friends of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owner. It offers select benefits and is available to anyone with a full member as a sponsor. A full member may sponsor as many associate members as he or she likes.

A full membership number is needed to join as an associate. Please enter your sponsor's full H.O.G. membership number.


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Auto renew my membership When opting for the auto renewal option, you will be charged 90 days before your renewal date. (This is when your first renewal notice would have been mailed if you do not choose the auto renewal option.) Auto renew will be for a one year term.
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